We'll push your business thinking, strategic planning,
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Our Breakthrough Difference
There are tens of thousands of small consulting companies, several dozen very large multi-national Public consulting corporations, and hundreds of thousands of independent Coaches (with more setting up shop every day). Growth Engine Group is the only firm that integrates professional consulting and executive coaching with a proprietary Visual Strategy System that literally shows your executive team precisely how to “connect the dots” in the Success Equation from...
that Works
that Gets Results
Our Breakthrough Difference:
Some Companies May Try to Make Similar Claims, But Here is What They Don’t (or Simply Can’t) Do...
Small Consulting and Coaching Companies Don’t or Can’t:
  • Start with a laser-focus on your Bottom-Line or take the time to develop a deep understanding of your Business Model.
  • Begin by asking the right Questions (or even Listen carefully to your concerns, hopes or fears).
  • Benchmark the critical metrics that matter, in order to develop a fact-based Diagnosis of your real problems (before trying to sell you on their “solutions”).
  • Have deep Executive-level “been there , done that” experience that adds critical perspective to your Financial Performance.
  • Have over a decade of advising CEO’s in over two dozen different industries.
  • Have access to world-class thought-leaders (Jim Collins, Tom Peters, Patrick Lencioni and many more), their secrets/strategies, software, technologies or other Power Tools.
  • Offer a powerful, pragmatic and proven end-to-end visual Line-of-Sight Success™ System based on best business practices.
  • Guarantee your Satisfaction.
Large public consulting firms Don’t or Can’t:
  • Match our personalized service or offer custom-tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.
  • Work as true Partners in an ongoing coaching & mentoring relationship. (It's just not their business model.)
  • Come close to our affordable pricing, due to their huge infrastructure costs and quarterly profit pressures from public shareholders.
  • Offer the unique leadership, strategy, and execution insights that only comes from personally leading new business, company turnaround, and business revitalization initiatives that have generated over $ 1 billion in profitable revenues.
  • Guarantee your Satisfaction.