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Line-of-Sight Success System™ and the Three Hidden Barriers to Growth
Every year executive teams face the same identical challenge. They must plan for and embark on a journey that will take them from Point A, their “Current Position and Condition”, in a northeasterly direction (up and to the right), to a bigger and better place. We call this Point B, “the Desired Destination”. Investors expect that progress will be made, and indeed many a CEO’s fate lies in the successful completion of this journey.

There is certainly nothing terribly sophisticated about this idea, yet surprisingly it can serve as a simple and elegant framework on which to build a total business system’s approach that is grounded in a highly informative visual strategy map. The Line-of-Sight Success System™ works much like a business GPS navigation device, showing exactly where your company is today with a clear Roadmap to take you to your goals. Its design acknowledges the pioneering work of Dr. Roger Sperry, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1981, for his groundbreaking research into the human brain. By using illustrations rather than the typical planning convention of expending thousands of words, we can leverage the remarkable power of the “Visual Brain” to understand and assimilate complex information of a strategic and conceptual nature, up to 400x faster.

The Line-of-Sight Success System™ is a comprehensive, end-to-end process that utilizes an intuitive “whole-brain” methodology to integrate the the “deep fundamentals” embodied across a large number of best business practices. It also derives power from its ability to reveal the “Three Hidden Barriers to Growth” that entrap so many unsuspecting executive teams each year.

Barrier #1:  "False Start"         Barrier #2:  "Poor Planning"         Barrier #3:  "Failed Execution"        
Now, in order to overcome these 3 classic, but hidden barriers we introduce the Success Equation. After spending decades of diligent study, and applying the best thinking of contemporary business thought leaders to effectively build a wide variety of different businesses, it is now apparent that success in business fundamentally pivots on three crucial elements. This notion is captured in the Success Equation, where S = L + S + E. (Success is a function of Leadership, Strategy, and Execution.) To succeed in the quest to take one’s company from Pt. A. to their Pt. B. requires a level of mastery over each element to overcome each Hidden Barrier as captured below.
To overcome Barrier #1:
"False Start"
Requires Strong Leadership
To overcome Barrier #2:
"Poor Planning"
Requires Strategy that Works
To overcome Barrier #3:
"Failed Execution"
Requires Execution that gets Results